Raysolve Completes Pre-Series A3 Financing to Accelerate Commercialization Process of Full-Color Micro-LED Micro-Display

Raysolve, a leading Micro-LED startup announced the completion of its Pre-Series A3 financing. The financing is led by Meridian Capital, along with miHoYo and 37 Interactive Entertainment. The funds raised will be used to accelerate R&D iteration, team expansion, and small-scale mass production, further solidifying Raysolve’s leading edge in the field of single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display.

Raysolve completed angel round and Pre-Series A round of financing in 2021, with participation from Source Code Capital, Gaorong Capital and Glory Ventures. In 2022, Raysolve completed two more rounds of financing, Pre-Series A+ and Pre-Series A++, with strategic investment from Will Semiconductor and AAC Technologies. This latest round of financing from Meridian Capital, miHoYo and 37 Interactive Entertainment fully demonstrates the unanimous recognition of capital market and downstream players for Raysolve.

Raysolve is committed to developing high-performance, high-production full-color Micro-LED micro-displays for consumer-level AR glasses. The core team stemmed from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge microchips. After the announcement of the world’s first single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display in 2019, the team refreshed the records for brightness, PPI, and size in 2023, achieving another disruptive breakthrough.

In recent years, the AR industry goes up and comes down. At present, the consumer market is gradually opening up. And the maturity of hardware, software and content ecosystem is continuously improving. New AR glasses are coming out one after another, the industry prospect is still broad. Overall, based on optical waveguide technology, AR optical solutions are exploring optical upgrades around lighter engine, larger field of view and full-color display. In terms of display, the full-color Micro-LED micro-display solution has been the keypoint to gain more competitive advantages for downstream players.

With a deep understanding of market demands and 18 years of technological accumulation, Raysolve has developed multiple full-color Micro-LED micro-displays based on the 8-inch semiconductor progress, including the 0.11-inch and 0.22-inch full-color micro-displays unveiled at the 2023 SID Display Week. In addition to ultra-small size, this series of chips achieve full-color brightness of over 100,000 nits, 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, and ultra-high Micro-LED pixel density of 7200PPI.

In terms of technical routes for full-color display, single-chip full-color is the ultimate goal for Micro-LED manufacturers and universities across the world. The QDPR (Quantum Dot Photoresist) solution developed by Raysolve integrates standard quantum dot (QD) materials and standard photoresist (PR) materials through innovative techniques. This advanced integration approach ensures both high conversion efficiency of QDs and high-resolution characteristics of the photoresist, realizing a QD photoresist film with a thickness of only 2 μm on blue Micro-LED arrays, which can not only match the requirements for ultra-small pixel size, but also ensure high absorption efficiency, so as to achieve full-color display.

Dr. Wing Cheung CHONG, the founder and CEO of Raysolve, said, “The essence of single-chip full-color technology is to achieve extremely light design of AR glasses, in order to provide a better wearing and visual experience. The XR industry chain is long and new, industrial synergy is crucial at this stage. We not only supply parts, but also develop partnerships.” The investor of this round, Meridian Capital, has been investing in science and technology since 2014, which can enhance the collaboration between enterprises and resources in the future. 37 Interactive Entertainment and miHoYo, the world-renowned game companies, have been actively layout XR field. As a company that values technological implementation, Raysolve will closely follow market demands, continuously improve product performance, strengthen industrial synergy, and drive the leap forward of AR optical display solutions.

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