Raysolve @ CES 2024: Full-color Micro-LED Micro-displays Create a Brand New AR Experience

January 9, 2024 – The world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibition, CES 2024, kicked off in Las Vegas. Raysolve showcased its newly upgraded 0.11-inch and 0.22-inch full-color Micro-LED micro-displays, along with a binocular full-color waveguide module, stunning everyone with a brand new AR experience.

Higher Brightness, Wider Color Gamut

The continuous reduction in the size and pitch of Micro-LED pixels poses significant challenges to their luminous performance. Based on ultra-high resolution at 7200PPI, Raysolve has successfully promoted the full-color brightness from 100,000 nits to 150,000 nits through technical iterations. This breakthrough allows for clear display in different outdoor environments when combined with the optical waveguide, enhancing the all-day wearing experience of AR glasses.

Furthermore, Raysolve’s proprietary Quantum dot photoresist (QDPR) process has been optimized, resulting in a wider color gamut and improved color performance. According to test data, Raysolve’s full-color Micro-LED micro-displays have seen an increase in sRGB color gamut from 133% to 147.2%, NTSC color gamut from 94.2% to 104.3%, and DCI-P3 color gamut from 98.1% to 108.5%. The wider color gamut achieves a seamless integration between the real world and virtual information, providing a more immersive AR experience.

In addition, Raysolve has achieved a more compact and lighter product structure, which can further simplify the weight and volume of the optical module, promoting the appearance of AR glasses closer to regular eyeglasses.

Binocular Full-color Waveguide

Besides, Raysolve showcased a binocular waveguide module equipped with its 0.11-inch full-color Micro-LED micro-displays, simulating the lightweight binocular form of AR glasses. Compared to the combination of three primary colors, the core advantage of single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display is that it only requires one chip per eye to achieve full-color display. Besides significant miniaturization advantages, this solution also possesses considerable cost advantages during the popularization of consumer-level AR glasses.

Raysolve has always been committed to technological innovation and iteration. This breakthrough also demonstrates Raysolve’s leading position in the field of full-color Micro-LED micro-display. Moving forward, Raysolve will accelerate its commercialization efforts, bringing consumer-level AR glasses closer to people’s expectations and revolutionizing the way we experience the world.

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