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Our Technology

Our Technology

Truly disruptive high performance micro-display technology.

Bypassing the massive transfer issue, our proprietary micro-LED micro-display technology is ready for mass-production providing customers with the utmost experiences through unrivalled color gamut, ultra-high efficiency and brightness (particularly under bright sunlight), superb robustness under extreme conditions, compared with other existing micro-display technology. Micro-LED micro-display is bound to be the ultimate solution for AR applications.


Raysolve’s High definition RGB active-matrix micro-display with ultra-high brightness and finest pixels has been proven to be robust and mass-producible.


With the strong support of our strategic partners, our next-generation micro-display will continually redefine the market and excite our customers.

Breaking in through AR related applications, we are diving and striving in the massive micro-display market. Our potential clientele goes with a long list, not only includes those AR hardware giants, but also Head-up Display (“HUD”), micro-projectors, maskless lithography, 3D printing companies and other micro-display solution providers.

About Us

At Raysolve, we are continuously bringing groundbreaking ideas to life and transform complex technology into easy-to-use devices.

Raysolve is a semiconductor company focusing on the design, research and manufacturing of unparalleled micro-LED micro-display chips. Our proprietary QD and CoANODETM fabrication technology lie in our world’s first full-color and ultra-high brightness micro-LED micro-display. Avoiding the mass transfer of micro-LED pixel array from one substrate to driving backplane via mechanical process, we are able to manufacture high quality micro-display chips in high-yield, through our innovative large size GaN-on-Silicon wafer-level integration technology.

Our unique and disruptive technology offers brand new possibility and vision to perceive and receive the world in entirely different manners.

Raysolve’s proprietary micro-LED micro-displays enable and empower the next generation of real AR/MR applications with bright, portable and light-weighted solutions. They will replace existing low brightness micro-OLED, LCOS technologies, offering customers “whenever and wherever” options, used to be out of reach before. Our micro-LED could be readily integrated into AR glasses, other consumer electronic devices, together with head-up display (HUD), head-mount display (HMD), micro-projectors and etc. As for industrial applications, it is also an essential technology in maskless lithography and 3D printing, etc.

Our innovative and easy-to-integrate technology are bound to redefine our everyday life through the next smart platform – AR glasses.

Press Release

Raysolve @ CES 2024: Full-color Micro-LED Micro-displays Create a Brand New AR Experience

January 9, 2024 – The world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibition, CES 2024, kicked off in Las Vegas. Raysolve showcased its newly upgraded 0.11-inch and 0.22-inch full-color Micro-LED micro-displays, along with a binocular full-color waveguide module, stunning everyone with a brand new AR experience. Higher Brightness, Wider Color Gamut The continuous reduction in the size and

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Raysolve Completes Pre-Series A3 Financing to Accelerate Commercialization Process of Full-Color Micro-LED Micro-Display

Raysolve, a leading Micro-LED startup announced the completion of its Pre-Series A3 financing. The financing is led by Meridian Capital, along with miHoYo and 37 Interactive Entertainment. The funds raised will be used to accelerate R&D iteration, team expansion, and small-scale mass production, further solidifying Raysolve’s leading edge in the field of single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display. Raysolve completed angel round and Pre-Series A round of financing

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Raysolve Steals the Show at SID Display Week 2023 with its Brilliant Full-Color Micro-LED Micro-Displays

The most important professional event in the display industry, SID Display Week 2023, was held in Los Angeles from May 23rd to 25th. This event attracted the latest technologies and products from around the world. Raysolve participated in the event and showcased its latest breakthroughs: standardized single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-displays and full-color optical waveguide modules.

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