Raysolve Won the People’s Choice Award at SID Display Week 2024

May 14-16, the largest global event in the display industry, SID Display Week 2024, took place in San Jose, USA. Raysolve, renowned for pioneering AR-level single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-displays, showcased its latest upgrades at the event. Its innovative technology not only received widespread attention from professional audiences, but also attracted well-known tech bloggers such as Karl Guttag and Charbax.

Raysolve‘s 0.11-inch and 0.22-inch full-color Micro-LED micro-displays won the “Best MicroLED-Based Technology” award. These micro-displays are as tiny as a matchstick head, boasting an ultra-high resolution of 7200PPI and a stunning full-color brightness of 150,000 nits. Leveraging its proprietary Quantum dot photoresist (QDPR) process, this series of micro-displays achieves a wide color gamut of 108.5% DCI-P3, promising users an even richer AR experience.

The quest for mass-produced full-color solutions has long been a hot topic in the micro-display field. Raysolve’s QDPR process, combined with the high efficiency of QDs and the high resolution of photoresist, achieves precise patterning through standard semiconductor photolithography processes, providing the most feasible mass production solution for full-color Micro-LED micro-displays. Additionally, leveraging its proprietary device structures, Raysolve achieves an impressive 99.99% absorption of blue light for a 2-μm-thick QDPR layer.

Raysolve team has dedicated to the Micro-LED micro-display field for nearly 20 years, continuously achieving technological breakthroughs. Looking ahead, Raysolve will accelerate the commercialization process, developing a wider range of micro-display products to meet diverse market demands.

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