Raysolve Breaks Records with Tiny Full-Color Micro-LED Micro-Display for AR Glasses

Raysolve has recently revealed a major achievement in the field of Micro-LED technology. The company has successfully developed the world’s smallest full-color Micro-LED micro-display for AR glasses, setting a new world record for both its tiny size and high pixel density. Moreover, this micro-display is the only single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display globally that boasts ultra-high brightness, making it a game-changer in the micro-display field. This breakthrough paves the way for consumer-level AR devices to offer a brand-new immersive experience.

Current display technology falls short of meeting the high demands of consumer-level augmented reality (AR) products. Key to industrial development is the adoption of full-color Micro-LED displays with ultra-high brightness, a core requirement. However, as pixel size and pitch continue to shrink, luminous performance and mass production pose significant challenges. Moreover, achieving both ultra-high brightness and a single-chip full-color display remains a bottleneck that has not been surmounted globally.

Raysolve boasts the only compact, single-chip micro-display on the market with full-color capabilities, highest brightness, PPI and size. The micro-display chips’ dimension of 0.11” and 0.22” allows for an ultra-small pixel pitch of 3.5 μm, resulting in Micro-LED pixel density of 7000 PPI and full-color brightness of 100,000 nits. Its 24-bit gray level increases color performance. With a frame rate of up to 300Hz, it renders clear and smooth displays. Measuring less than a match head, this remarkable feat is perfect for AR glasses, providing optimum performance, lightness, shape and cost savings. It also opens up more possibilities for AR applications and settings.

Raysolve’s current photolithographic QD technology surpasses QD printing technology tremendously in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and mass production capabilities. The single-chip full-color solution offered by Raysolve has significant cost advantages and manufacturing efficiency over a three-color optical module with an X-cube. Additionally, Raysolve’s solution boasts considerable miniaturization advantages. These findings suggested that Raysolve’s approach with photolithographic QD technology is a more viable solution for meeting the demands of the market.

With each breakthrough in AR micro-display technology, developers are constantly seeking to create the ultimate user experience. Raysolve is dedicated to producing the most optimal full-color micro-display solution for AR glasses. Raysolve has unwavering confidence that the 100,000 nits luminosity is simply a starting point for the technology, and the continued technology iteration will elevate brightness and color performance. The first standardized single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display will be launched in May, and will be showcased during SID Display Week 2023. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting release from Raysolve.

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